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J. Steven Manolis in his painting studio Manolis Projects in Miami, Florida
The Qatari Rhapsodies of J. Steven Manolis
Whitehot Magazine, Anthony Haden-Guest April 2018

It was a commission that led J. Steven Manolis to paint Qatari Rhapsodies Sonata #1. Manolis is a colorist, obsessively so, and at the time he had been planning to move on from the brilliant, arterial reds he had used in his series, Redworld, to working with maroon, the rich, dark red, so called for marron, French for chestnut.

J Steven Manolis, REDWORLD at the University of South Dakota Museum Show
Personal Geometry: J. Steven Manolis' Family Paintings
Elevated Luxury Magazine, Donald Kuspit January 2020

J. Steven Manolis’ Redworld Series more than holds its own in the history of monochromatic modernist painting—so-called ‘all-over color field’ painting. Picasso’s “Blue Period” and “Rose Period” paintings also are monochromatic, as Bruce Helander points out in his essay on the Redworld Series,

j. Steven Manolis BlueLand Splash 2018, Acrylic on Canvas 60x96 inches
A Sure Bet
Elevated Luxury Magazine, Bruce Helander September 2020

The Dramatic Works of J. Steven Manolis and His Breakthrough Accomplishments Propel Rising Values in the Art World

Zaha Hadid's 1000 Museum Chooses, J. Steven Manolis
Zaha Hadid's 1000 Museum Chooses, J. Steven Manolis
December 15, 2020

J. Steven Manolis is pleased to announce that the Homeowners Association of 1000 Museum, also know as "The Zaha Hadid Building," has chosen J. Steven Manolis' 2017 Black & White (84"x144") master work to be the sole painting in the 60th floor Sky Lounge arrival gallery.