• J. Steven Manolis took private painting lessons from Wolf Kahn from 1984 -2013
  • Manolis’ public art career began 9/27/2014
  • 3 Solo Museum shows, 16 solo gallery shows, 16 group shows in 5 years
  • Manolis has over 360 private collectors in 5 years
  • Manolis paintings currently reside in permanent collection of several museums
  • Paintings are exhibited in 13 corporate installations
  • J. Steven Manolis’ art has received great critical acclaim.
  • Manolis Projects is the largest private studio – gallery complex in Florida

 Black is another color, as Matisse said. Manolis’ mastery of black confirms that he is a modern master … and with that an abstract expressionist…

…Manolis reminds us of the paradise of nature-a paradise almost lost… Manolis is an environmentalist: his art is a defense of nature at its most regal and vital, a homage to nature under extreme duress…

Indeed, Manolis’s color-saturated abstractions breathe fresh life – fresh feeling —- into abstract expressionism…

Manolis’ Miami abstract expressionism is a welcome relief from New York abstract expressionism, and just as authentic. That is, the happy self or happy consciousness that informs Manolis’ art is just as “true” as the miserable self or unhappy consciousness… But, the contemporary question is whether we prefer the self-destructive despair of the Age of Anxiety…or whether it’s time to welcome a more emotionally constructive, delightful kind of abstract expressionism.

— Donald Kuspit, Renowned Art Critic

Film Documentary (16 Minutes)

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