The beads are made of sommerso glass and Decò glass (hence the name). This bracelet combines glass beads with various shapes and different tones.

The jewelry’s glass has been handcrafted in Venice, then mounted and finished in Florence by the jeweler, Gabriella Nanni. Nanni has designed jewelry for thirty years, and has used her passion for creating jewelry as a way of expressing herself. It is almost as if, after searching for inspiration in simple materials matched with precious metals and then carrying it out with a preference for chromatic and tactile effects rather than a classical harmony, her creativity is an art that has made it possible to communicate her own identity alongside an original idea of beauty. Her jewelry transmits the personality of the wearer and is composed of unique and timeless pieces, where the concept of trend and fashion is cancelled out in favor of a more profound conception of time. She strived for her jewelry to make the people who buy it feel that they have conceived and designed it themselves.

Just a short way away from the Ponte Vecchio, her shop in Via Lambertesca contains Gabriella Nanni’s “Light Designs” collection, silver jewelry with Murano glass; greatly loved in Venice itself and sought after in many countries abroad, they are simple pieces of great effect that imprison mysterious lights, thanks to the Murrine containing gold and platinum leaves that create fascinating color effects of contemporary yet ancient flavor; and “Sea Stories”, a collection of unique pieces inspired by whatever comes from the sea – shapes, colors, suggestions, as well as the materials themselves: pearls, shells, pieces of coral and even pebbles smoothed by the waves – which become an integral part of the piece of jewelry itself.

Demucha Small Gold and Blue Deco Bracelet


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Gold, Silver, Glass