J. Steven Manolis (1948 – ).

J. Steven Manolis, is an American abstract expressionist artist who paints in both watercolors and acryl­ics on paper and canvas. He studied for 30 years under the tutelage of world renown colorist, and former student of Hans Hofman, Wolf Kahn (1927-2020). Manolis began his professional painting career in 2014.

Manolis opened Florida’s largest gallery and private painting studio, Manolis Projects, in Miami to accommodate the tremendous scale of many of his works. Since becoming a full-time painter in 2014, Manolis has achieved numerous accolades from art critics, such as, Donald Kuspit, who describe him as “the successor to the father of global abstract expressionism, Wassily Kandinsky.

He is also known for his series paintings, which emphasize communication through colors. He employs color-fields, gestures, geometrics, and other symbols to express his perspective of his surroundings.

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