Au Revoir 2017!


J. Steven Manolis in front of BlueLand Splash, 2016, Acrylic on canvas, 96 x 144 inches.

At age sixty-nine, one of the benefits of “old age” is the ability to look backwards and put current events in some sort of a historical perspective. Mailers like this one shoot for brevity, so let me make a comparison that will speak legions: I think we are living in the most tumultuous, capricious, and polarizing times since the 1960’s. As an optimist, I feel that the ingenious nature of mankind and our innate ability to solve problems, persevere, and find happiness and serenity is unbounded and I have great confidence in the future

J. Steven Manolis’ Solo Exhibition Show, “Painting Vermillion Red,” at the John A. Day Gallery in the Warren M. Lee Center for Fine Arts, USD, Vermillion, South Dakota.

2017 was a whirlwind of activity for me. Two solo museum exhibitions (Coral Springs Museum of Art and University of South Dakota), six art books, two Manolis Projects gallery openings (Art Wynwood and Art Basel Miami), three corporate art installations (MAXALTO, Raymond James and Torre Development), a University of South Dakota (“USD”) gifting of seven heroic-scale REDWORLD works “permanently hung on campus,” the honorary homecoming parade Grand Marshall award title at my undergraduate alma mater USD, The Center for Creative Education group show “Three Amigos + Jill Krutick” (Bruce Helander, J. Steven Manolis, Miles Slater), a plethora of magazine articles (the cover of Where Magazine and Where Guestbooks, Four Seasons Magazine, The Society of Four Arts Season Programs Magazine) the introduction of my first artist signed, Limited Edition prints, the reformation of Florida’s most exclusive, largest (and only) Artist Salon, Manolis Projects, and other events and accomplishments amounted to a truly remarkable year. As proud as I am of the sheer volume, it’s unlikely I will ever have a year with this many activities and events again. So I am enjoying looking backwards.

J. Steven Manolis on the cover of Where Magazine, Art Basel Miami Edition 2017.

Truth be told, no individual can achieve this solo. What is required is a supporting Team with a vision, the energy, and drive to make it happen. All thanks to my extraordinary third party team: Bruce Helander, Susan Hall, Karene Teleska, Dan Ellis, Joseph McCandless, Kim Sargent, Alex Vignoli, Lisa Heard, die Keure Printing & Publishing (Brugge, Belgium), Aurelia Majorel, and all the members of the Manolis Projects Artist Salon! Internally, extreme thanks go to Myrthia Natalie Moore, Coco De Salazar, Patrick Simpson, Kathya Salgado, and Juan Menbreno. 

The “wind in my art sails” comes from six extraordinary art luminaries whose ten plus essays on my work has proven simply invaluable; Dr. Annette Blaugrund, Elizabeth Sobieski, Anthony Haden-Guest, Bruce Helander, Donald Kuspit, and Dr. Larry Schou. Words cannot describe the pride nor thanks I feel towards these ultimate professionals. Indeed, my record production and sales would NOT have occurred without them. No one recognizes nor appreciates these critics more than myself. If you have not read their essays, each are posted on my website and I invite you to enjoy them.

Importantly, I thank my Collectors. They constitute the critical mass of clients that motivate and propel me to paint joyously seven days a week. The most gratifying aspect of 2017 for me was to read their “for attribution” collector quotes.

Finally and most importantly, I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to my partner in life, children, family and friends for their love, support and belief in me to accomplish my dream. 

My remaining life’s mission is to COMMUNICATE WITH COLOR like no other artist ever has! In the first week of 2018, my first monthly MP Art Newsletter will discuss a most exciting upcoming art year. Here’s what I say: “Always live in REDWORLD!” I wish you all a happy, healthy New Year 2018!Please come visit me at Manolis Projects for a very special experience in the new year.

J. Steven Manolis, Redworld Self Portrait Quadriptych, 2017, Acrylic on canvas, Four diptychs, 144 x 192 inches (365.76 x 487.68 cm). Each diptych: 72 x 96 inches (182.88 x 243.84 cm), Two panels, 72 x 48 inches (182.88 x 121.92 cm) each. Framed: 150 x 198 inches (381 x 502.92 cm).

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